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Jul 12 @ 2:46PM CDT (Start)
Sep 2 @ 2:46PM CDT (End)
Feeling Overwhelmed?  We are here to help!  We solve complex estate problems with professional solutions.   Hassle Free Auctions  Southern Auction Solutions offers both Live and...
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2019 Spring Online Only Lake Lot Liquidation!
2019 Spring Online Only - Lake Lot Liquidation!
Accepting bids
Apr 30 @ 9:00AM CDT (Start)
May 30 @ 1:00PM CDT (End)
Please read the Terms & Conditions. 2019 Spring Online Only - Lake Lot Liquidation! Name Your Price! Bidding Starts April 30th at 9:00 am CST.  Ending May 30th at 1:00 pm CST You...
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2019 Spring Online Only

Lake Lot Liquidation! 

Bidding Starts April 30, 2019 at 9:00 am CST

Ending May 30, 2019 at 1:00 pm CST

Please Read the Terms & Conditions 

We have 12 lots for you to bid on.

Should you have any trouble please give us a call at 334-885-1787.

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Absolute Auction Online Only
Absolute Auction Online Only! Anniston, Al
Feb 11 @ 10:00AM CST (Start)
Mar 11 @ 10:00AM CDT (End)
Property Address: 421 Chestnut Ave and 423 Chestnut Ave, Anniston, Al  
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Absolute Auction Online Only

Bidding Starts February 11, 2019 at 10:00 am CST

Ending March 11, 2019 at 10:00 am CST

Property Addresses

421 Chestnut Ave and 423 Chestnut Ave

Anniston, AL

Total Liquidation Auction!
Total Liquidation Auction!
Feb 16 @ 10:00AM CST (Start)
NOTE: To Enter to the HOME page click Total Liquidation Auction above. Once on HOME page to view all lots scroll the smaller pictures on the left. The larger pictures in the middle...
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Total Liquidation Auction!
One For The Road Used Cars
2992 Highway 5
Jasper, Al

Large Liquidation Auction of used cars and trucks.
To name a few of our 112 lots
65 Ford Mustang; 79 Chevrolet Corvette; 86 Rolls Royce
Online Bidding Starts February 9, 2019 at 10 am (CST) 
Live Auction Starts February 16, 2019 at 10 am (CST
Live Auction Location is
2992 Highway 5
Jasper, Al
For more information please give us a call at 334-885-1787

Please note February 16th @ 10 am (CST) this Auction goes Live.  The Lots  maybe SOLD out of numerical order. 

Glenn Andrews Real Estate Holdings Absolute Auction Anniston, AL
Oct 30 @ 12:00PM EDT (Start)
Nov 30 @ 12:00PM EST (End)
Absolute Auction 
( more details )

-Online Only Auction-
Glenn Andrews Real Estate Holdings
23 Residential & Commercial Properties
Anniston, Alabama
11 Tracts

Multi-Parcel Bidding for Tracts 1, 2, & 3 
Tracts 1-3 are being sold through the Multi-Parcel Method. Meaning you may choose how you would prefer to bid on these 3 tracts. These 3 tracts will be sold in the combination that brings the most money for the Seller. Just because you are the high bidder for a single tract does not mean you will be the purchaser. The tracts will be sold in combination which Generates the highest bid. If you have any doubt if you are the high bidder at any time you may contact the auction company or the auctioneer at 334-885-1787. 
Sale Order for Lots/Tracts 1, 2, and 3as follows: 
Lot 1 – Tract 1 
Lot 1a – Combination of Tracts 1 & 2 
Lot 2 – Tract 2 
Lot 2a – Combination of Tracts 1, 2, & 3 
Lot 3 – Tract 3 
Lot 3a – Combination of Tracts 1 & 3 

Tract 1 
PPIN# 68574 & 708 - Acreage 2.17 +/- & 64.91 +/-
Accessible from Lincoln Street & Morgan St.
Tract 2 
PPIN# 68566 - Acreage 32.59 +/-
Accessible from Carolina St. & Chestnut St. 
Tract 3 
PPIN# 61962 - Acreage 19.19 +/-
Accessible from Martin Luther King Dr.
Tract 4 
PPIN# 709; 530; 531; 532; 533; 534 (lots) - Acreage 1.92 +/-
Accessible from Quail Dr. & Cricket Lane
Tract 5 
PPINN 68714; 68715; 68716 - Acreage .92 +/-
Accessible from Hannah Ave. & Chestnut St.
Tract 6 
PPIN# 64519 - Acreage .31 +/-
Accessible from Benny Ray Street
Tract 7 
PPIN# 68415 & 68712 - Acreage 6.86 +/-
Accessible from Elm St. & Chestnut St.
Tract 8 
PPIN# 66133 & 66134 - Acreage .53 +/-
Accessible from S. Wilmer & Chilton Alley
Tract 9 
PPIN# 17411 & 66120 - Acreage .28 +/-
Accessible from Quintard & Chilton Alley
Tract 10 
PPIN# 66131 - Acreage .8 +/-
Accessible from Quintard & Chilton Alley
Tract 11 
PPIN# 30329 - Acreage .11 +/-
Accessible from Bancroft Ave 

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I won, what happens next?
An agent from our office will either call or email you soon after the auction bidding closes, typically, within 24 hours.
* If the auction did not have a reserve and did not require seller confirmation, our agent will provide
you with instructions on increasing your deposit, scheduling the closing, and other post-auction details.
* If the auction was subject to a reserve or required seller confirmation, our agent will advise whether
your high bid has been accepted. If your high bid is accepted, we will provide you with instructions on increasing your deposit, scheduling the closing, and other post-auction details. If your high bid has not been accepted, we will advise you as to the next steps. Any bidder may make post auction offers on the property through Southern Auction Solutions’ agents.

What if I have further questions?
Call our office for more information on the auction in which you are interested. Telephone and email contact information can be found on the website . Our auction professionals will
always be happy to help with any questions that you might have.

56 Acres +/- Denny Road, Ashland, AL Absolute Online Only Auction Ashland, Al
Oct 19 @ 12:00PM CDT (Start)
Nov 19 @ 12:00PM CST (End)
Online Auction
( more details )

56 Acres +/- lying South and East of Denny Road, Ashland, Al

  • Big Hardwood/Pine Timber
  • Approximately 12 Acres Open Land
  • 3 – Streams
  • Wildlife feeding plots
  • Abundant Wildlife
  • One of the nicest tracts in the area
34 Acres +/- County Road 206, Wedowee, AL - Absolute Auction! Wedowee, AL
Oct 18 @ 12:00PM CDT (Start)
Nov 18 @ 12:00PM CST (End)
Online Auction
( more details )

34 Acres +/- on County Road 206, Wedowee, AL

  • Mixed Timber and Open Land
  • 699 ft. of Pineywood Creek
  • Great Home Site
  • Beautiful ViewsOn
Bailey Absolute Auction
Oct 5 @ 12:00PM CDT (Start)
Nov 5 @ 12:00PM CST (End)
Online Auction
( more details )

Approximately 2,500 Sq Ft Home with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths
* 3 Lots - 2  vacant, over 1 acre of property
* Beautiful pecan trees * 2 car garage
* Updated Kitchen  * Great rental potential or ready to be flipped

Dec 2 @ 12:00PM CST (Start)
SOLD! $30,000 - $33,000 with buyer's premium
( more details )

$30,000 - $33,000 with buyer's premium


Industrial building located in Woodland city limits. This building was the old Randolph County Appliance building. There is a fully functioning laundry mat and  car wash on this property that produce income. All appliances stay. The property is on a 1.05 acre lot with over 200 feet of road  frontage on Co. Rd. 59. Paved parking lot. A warehouse is on the property behind the main building. Central heating and air. New septic system that is only a few months old.

Property shown by appointment.

Oct 7 @ 12:00PM CDT (Start)
( more details )

Tract 1: $4,000/acre
Tract 2: $3,000/acre
Tract 3: $2,900/acre
Tract 4: $2,800/acre
Tract 5: $2,700/acre
Tract 6: $2,700/acre

Court ordered real estate auction! Six tracts totaling 358 acres and 11,000 feet of Little Tallapoosa River frontage.

Includes: Prime farm land, bottom land, open land, timber, ponds and a 4 bedroom/1.5 bath house.

Specific tract details see photos:

Tract 1 - 45 acres
4 bed/1.5 bath house and barns
1550' Little Tallapoosa River frontage
2800' road frontage
35 acres of open land
1.5 acre pond
Cross fenced

Tract 2 - 100 acres
750' Little Tallapoosa River frontage
1100' Cutnose Creek frontage
5200' road frontage
70 acres of open land
3 ponds
Cross fenced

Tract 3 - 42 acres
3000' Little Tallapoosa River frontage
Timber land
Feeder creek

Tract 4 - 91 acres
5500' Little Tallapoosa River frontage
Bottom land
75 acres of open land

Tract 5 - 40 acres
1300' road frontage
Timber land

Tract 6 - 40 acres
1300' road frontage
Timber land

Sep 23 @ 12:00PM CDT (Start)
( more details )

Tract 1: $102,000 - $112,000 with buyer's premium 
Tract 2: $18,000 - $19,800 with buyer's premium
Tract 3: $42,000 - $46,200 with buyer's premium

Tract 1 – 55.22 acres of timber land
Large mature hardwood abundant throughout
Some mature pine
Interior road system
Road frontage on Hwy 9 and Shunpike rd
Perfect for a new poultry farm

Tract 2 - 10.93 acres
Road frontage on Shunpike Rd and Hwy 9
Some marketable timber
Great home site location

Tract 3
The home and barn with one out building.
2 bedroom 1 bath home
a little over 1000 sq ft
built in 1980
brick siding
sitting on 2.69 acres

Personal property to be sold
John Deere 5320 tractor with loader and hay spear
6 ft bush hog cutter
Bush and bog plows
One bumper pull stock trailer
One 8X16 utility trailer with metal floor
2000 Toyota Corolla 4 door sedan with 86,350 miles
1997 Ford F250 gas engine with 15,900 miles
2 metal portable carports
Several antique part vehicles
Misc. scrap metal
Barn wood
Antique hayrake
House hold items
Washer and dryer
Kitchen items
Craftsman LT 1000 riding lawn mower
Yard tools

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